You Can Have
Anything You Want.
As Long As You
Dress For It.


Image Consulting

Lauren offers bespoke image consultation catered to clients’ specific needs. In addition to creating a custom wardrobe to complement their lifestyle, Lauren will introduce clients to the best services in the industry for hair, makeup, skincare, health, fitness and beyond.

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Closet Management

Lauren offers a complete closet overhaul, helping clients decide which pieces to keep or retire, helping them reorganize and maximize their closet space, and helping them optimize their wardrobe by piecing together outfits with clothes they already own.  Lauren enjoys getting to know each client and how they live their everyday life, leading to organization that is highly personalized. 

Service includes:

  • Image Consulting to determine which colors, styles, and prints work best.
  • Followed by a Bespoke Fitting to replenish as needed.

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Personal Shopping

Lauren offers bespoke wardrobe development and management in collaboration with or on behalf of clients. Lauren does the work for clients by determining their specific needs and then pulling clothes for a private in home or on location fitting. Depending on the clients needs, she will handle bringing them the new best or seasonal updates ensuring a year round cohesive wardrobe that matches their personality and lifestyle. Lauren will often do full look-books for travel or on an as needed basis.


Lauren will create a cohesive, year-round wardrobe based on the items selected, and will assist in adding pieces that help enhance these looks.  She will take photos of each, turning them into a personalized lookbook that can be used as a day-to-day guide for clients.

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Men's Styling

Fashion is faster than ever, and men are just as eager to embrace new trends and silhouette’s that help them feel fresh, modern and stylish.  Lauren is here to help, offering bespoke styling sessions that provide fashion-conscious men with a wardrobe that combines must-have classics and the season’s hottest trends. 

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Corporate Speaking & TV Engagements

Understanding the impact that looking and feeling good has on one’s confidence and productivity, Lauren provides corporate clients with the tools needed to empower them to do their best work.  For further information or to book a speaking engagement with Lauren, please visit the contact page.